UTAH & ETHER X CAP ADAPTERS 3 “Hong Kong Nights”


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15 Responses to “UTAH & ETHER X CAP ADAPTERS 3 “Hong Kong Nights””

  1. 樂觀 says:

    yo fools.. why are you advertising how easy it is to get up in Asia?
    your lightweight ruining it for the rest of us who been out here…
    your lust for fame is lightweight fucking up the game..
    all this shit is going to make people come out here and then they are going to make new laws and its over.
    i guess this is how Graffiti works in 2012.. you go somewhere and get some people to video tape you bombing
    and then you put it on the internet.. and sit back and watch people jock you??
    what are your intentions behind doing graffiti these days anyways??
    i cant stop this from happening.. this is evolution but still..
    be careful. dont get caught and be the example that breaks the camels back
    and watch who you go over on FILM.. shit ant cool
    chek your egos..
    your heads are bout to explode

  2. ytg says:


  3. J-BERD says:

    Fucking AMAZING.

  4. rustmasterflex says:

    thank you…simply put, i dont know for what, but thank you so much.

  5. Bomer68 says:

    Awsoomenessss Miley chignon pintduras.

  6. Boner69 says:

    Muey chingon

  7. Sounda says:

    See how they walk away…. love it calm as a bomb!

  8. Campioncino says:

    Utah super gnocca!

  9. nice dress socks says:

    this one is like big dick peter sellers style with a lemon twist.
    i am sending utah some clothes in the mail so she can go do graffiti in, some silk dresses and high heels and stuff, fancy purses, like 4500 spectacular persian rugs style with a built in can component for disguisapades. then i want to see pics and video of her writing in them(in traffic, daytime) like she owns it honey, that kind of stuff tickles my toes.
    -you can’t teach that kind of cavalier-!

  10. theCharles says:

    sick ass video!! what is the first song?

  11. retro bamber says:

    yo this is real wack, respect to yall as far as style and knowing how to paint, but thats not bombing. period.

  12. Amistad Jones says:

    But if it’s not bombing then what it it? How is this different from what people do in NY? Sounds like some hate going on…

  13. henkL says:

    this is great what you guys are doing… love it 10/10 !

  14. yomothafucka says:

    to china man who commented at the top…. thats life bitch… welcome to 2012… we all saw our yards to go shit… sounds like you jelly you dont have more subway systems than there are days in a month… but thats your loss…. BIRTH RIGHT BITCH… here first, sorry to the youth, ill live my life.

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