Grime Time!

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4 Responses to “Grime Time!”

  1. Utah slut Rat says:

    Toy toy toy. Can’t paint and go back US any more 5555
    Wanna fuck ur mom very much .
    Free or pay for fucking with ur mom (RAT n Slut).
    5$ ok?

  2. Utah slut Rat says:

    Still not answer?555
    5$?to put ma dick in ur mom ass? Jim?

  3. Utah slut Rat says:

    Yo yo ! 5$ fuck Jim mom ,5$ fuck Jim mom,5$ fuck Jim mom ,repeat it 3 times
    U can download dis song frm iTunes

  4. P. says:

    I love the comments. Keeping me warm on the bus. Hahaha! I need to read more internet instead of books. You can tell its some thai toy too cuz he wrote 555 and drysnitched

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