Heroes In Distress

Check this out if your in the area…

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4 Responses to “Heroes In Distress”

  1. skiski says:

    isssssssssshhhh that the worst collective mission i ever seen … artist 4 israel warkkkkkkk ,,,

    you support jewish terrorism WOOOOOOOWWW

  2. johnald says:

    Artists 4 Israel? I thought both of you were cooler than that… Fucking colonizers.

  3. Joe blows jim profit says:

    Supporting the civilized man over the animal!

  4. johnald says:

    It’s not even about that… Well yes it has to do with your ignorance on the issue. If you identified as an intellectual or a knowledgeable person in no way would you say what you did… The issue isn’t about religious superiority but about bombing fucking children… An Israel bomb that targeted certain people in Gaza killed 11 members of a single family…
    How the fuck is that civilized?

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