Moar Arrowz

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14 Responses to “Moar Arrowz”

  1. Jim cay Harper says:

    Fuck u Utah go to hell bitch
    U will be killed at param 3 one day

  2. Jim cay Harper says:

    Ur friend place at sirom
    We know it
    Cop know it

    You will get caught at airport

    Where can I post ether face pic ?

  3. Jim cay Harper says:

    We know ur place
    Where can I post ur room pic?

  4. admin says:

    Haha, interesting how you have all this information all the way over in Chicago.

    You do realize that we can see your IP address when you post, right?

    D30 / MSK dry-snitching online and bragging about snitching in real life, but then we guess that’s nothing new. Feel free to carry on, and post your photos here if you like….

  5. Atze Peng says:

    Chigago? Then this fool must be illiterate.
    The fuck is up with your english, Jim? Learn some grammar…

  6. headphones says:

    people in taiwan say bad things about cider
    ether fight cider. say cider loose fight?

  7. Baltic Strangler says:

    That snitching shit up there is not a good look. I was in Tokyo recently and met the msk’s in japan, they are cool peeps, and they said they don’t like cider. Me personally I don’t know the guy but his throw ups look like a Giant’s. So I think he is a biter. Not sure why he is msk, if you ask me. Anyway, I will be visiting Thailand in January curious to see how it is, maybe cider is up a lot and that is why he is msk. I have heard bkk it is crazy, any suggestions on places to go?

  8. love you long time says:

    Cider is not up- never was.he’s a glorified tour guide and cab driver.

    Who’s WE? The snitch association of Thailand? How can u even be proud of the fact you’re talking to cops?
    Who the fuck are you – nobody condones that shit, ur soft dude. Ur too soft for the internet even. One way or another ull get caught out- that’s the way it goes.
    Making death threats on the internet but saying you’re snitching is kind of contradictory no? Half thug half bitch? Is that ur image? You walk with a twist you fucking faggot- probably give handjobs at massage parlours to homos.

  9. says:

    You fucking white boy. You motherfucker. Did I fuck your mom too hard last night? Buff other people for your fathers pleasure? That’s all that you have? Living in my country and still acting like an asshole. Announce where you are and I’ll come to you. Why hide? Are you a hooker? Give me an address and ill come to you and maybe I’ll make a clip to show the world how you’re just a fucking fag who only buffs other people’s work

  10. love you long time says:

    Apparently u and ur snitch buddies have my addresS no? Why not stop the hiding and cap my name with Urs and we can see who u are- fathers pleasure? Sounds like ur abusive childhood is coming out in ur aggression- did he touch u in the wrong places at the right times? While moms was sleeping? Did u bond with ur daddy late at night?

    Whatever u say the truth is this- u and ur friends are snitching, u too toy to handle it the right way- either by knuckling up or capping . Ur not up- u got nothing. Ur tough talk doesn’t mean shit- u can be got. Leave ur name where it counts.

    Done playing this online game with you- want to play online games tell ur dad u can’t be touched tonight, and u need to go to the internet cafe to play with ur friends. And remember it isn’t abuse if u like to be touched by ur father, I’m not mad at ya, do u , do ur dad. Its all love ! Peace!!

  11. HKG says:

    Yo love you long time.

    ether already fucked cider up at wall lords. invasian magazine wrote a post about it on their website.

    then cider started crying to take it down, like he was crying when ether beat him up at wall lords.

    as far as him being gay… new york writers say that he asked them if they wanted to get prostate massages with him. when they come to visit. gay? i think so.

  12. says:

    Yo jim.Do u miss ur mom?
    Ok. Met her last nite N she said…………ah ah ah fuck me hader,faster,u so bigggg
    Not nothing more than dis

  13. justchanch says:

    the caliber of work continues to amaze me

  14. dark 1 says:

    Love These Pieces !!!

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