We’re not usually that into watching videos of commuter trains.  Generally speaking, we find them kinda boring.  That being said, some of the actions in this video are beyond out-of-control, further confirming our belief that Russians are fucking insane (we mean that in the best possible way, of course).  Seriously though, check it out.   Thanks Berst.

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What could be better than taking a walk to the ol’ mailbox and finding a copy of Interrail inside? Probably a lot of things.  Like finding a million dollars inside.  Or a new macbook pro.  But since none of those things are apt to happen anytime too soon, we’ll just concentrate on being hyped about […]

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Welcome again to another edition of Paperwork Wednesday, our Wednesday segment featuring paperwork and electronic files relating to our numerous past legal cases.  All of the paperwork is from cases that are not current and have been closed.  The documents in Paperwork Wednesday include multiple CD’s (that include digital files and records from multiple email […]

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